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Threats From New Gases Found in Air

Jun 5, 2014
Three more new CFC gases discovered in the atmosphere have the potential to add to global warming, and scientists say the evidence points to them being man-made.

Ozone Rise Will Choke U.S. Cities

May 18, 2014
Poor air quality and health problems are expected to become the summertime norm across the country as ground level ozone rises 70 percent.

Saving Ozone May Slow Warming Rate

Nov 10, 2013
What appears to be a slowdown in the rate of atmospheric warming this century may have a simple explanation -- it could be the consequence of protecting the ozone layer.

Plants Wilt as Heat Increases Ozone

Jul 21, 2013
Plants are significantly less able to absorb low-level ozone during a heat wave, researchers have found, with implications tied to more than 2 million deaths worldwide by air pollution from human causes.

Big Winter for Arctic Ozone Hole

Oct 3, 2011
Unusual weather ripped a sizable hole in the ozone layer above the Arctic last winter, exposing people in northern Russia, parts of Greenland and Norway to high levels of UV radiation. Human activity did not cause the hole's sudden appearance, scientists said in a report released Monday. (more)

An Environmental Success Story (for Once)

Aug 23, 2006
Two of the scientists responsible for sounding the alarm on the thinning ozone layer have reported that the hole over the Antarctic has stopped widening, and may close within a generation or two. If true, this proves what can be achieved when government works to address, rather than deny, an environmental catastrophe. Global warming, anyone?

Ozone Pollution Is More Harmful Than Realized

Mar 15, 2006
Ozone, which had been considered a minor player in global climate change, is actually a major factor in the dramatic warming of the Arctic zone, according to NASA. Worse, scientists are reporting that climate change is "irreversible," as Arctic sea ice has failed to re-form for the second year in a row.