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Oakland Police: ‘We, Too, Are the 99%’

Nov 2, 2011
The Oakland Police Officer's Association announced "we are confused" in an open letter to the city's residents Tuesday The letter blames Mayor Jean Quan for ordering the clearing of the Occupy Oakland encampment that resulted in a young Iraq War veteran's brain injury and national attention.

Jerusalem Jews Tell Elie Wiesel to Get Real

May 13, 2010
You may recall Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel’s letter urging President Barack Obama to lay off of Jewish settlements in Jerusalem. A group of prominent intellectuals who actually live in the city have written their own withering response, calling Wiesel’s letter a fantasy “replete with factual errors and false representations.”

Carter Atones for ‘Stigmatizing’ Israel

Dec 24, 2009
Maybe it's because his grandson is running for public office, maybe because the former president just doesn't like tension, but Jimmy Carter has written an open letter to the Jewish community essentially apologizing for any past statements that might have stigmatized the nation of Israel. (continued)