olympia snowe

Senate Clears the Way for Unemployment Extension

Jul 21, 2010
Overcoming the objections of Democrat Ben Nelson and 39 of his Republican friends, 60 senators passed a key procedural vote Tuesday, making an extension of unemployment benefits a near certainty. Senators siding with the jobless included 56 Democrats, two independents and the Republican senators from Maine.
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Senators Still in Health Care Huddle

Dec 19, 2009
It could be a long and snowy weekend on Capitol Hill for our sparring US senators, who were busy antagonizing each other and making various accusations and threats Friday as they wrestled over the health care bill The Democrats' lone holdout, Sen Ben Nelson, was the subject of a woo-in conducted by his peers (continued).

Lieberman Looms Large in Senate Health Debate

Dec 14, 2009
If it didn't look like Senate Democrats were going to face some serious obstacles in passing health care reform legislation, Sen. Joe Lieberman is poised and ready to remind them, as he proved this past weekend with his ongoing rumblings to the press about joining the apparently inevitable Republican filibuster. Sen. Harry Reid and his cohort have their work cut out for them.

Lieberman Twists the Knife

Oct 28, 2009
Is there a more hypocritical figure in American politics than Joe Lieberman? The Connecticut senator declared Tuesday that he would support a filibuster of any health care reform bill that has a public option -- even the version with the “trigger” compromise accepted by Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe -- because it might cost money. Is there a more hypocritical figure in American politics than Joe Lieberman?

‘Left, Right & Center’: Health Care Reform Survives?; Wall Street Revives

Oct 17, 2009
Wall Street got a boost, as if it needed one, from the Dow's rise past 10,000 this week -- but let's not confuse that with economic stability. Consider the unemployment rate and the ballooning federal budget deficit, as Arianna Huffington, Bob Scheer, Tony Blankley and Matt Miller do on this week's "Left, Right and Center." Just don't ask Arianna about "Balloon Boy."

Public Health Before Wall Street Wealth

Oct 14, 2009
There is an odd disconnect between the furious public debate over health care reform, with its emphasis on the cost of an increased government role, and the nonexistent discussion about the far more expensive and largely secretive government program to bail out Wall Street. The health care debate has become a convenient distraction from the far more pressing issues surrounding the banking meltdown.

Snowe Helps Baucus Bill Pass Committee Hurdle

Oct 13, 2009
Maine's Olympia Snowe explained her vote for health care reform by saying "when history calls, history calls." It called, she answered, and now the Senate Finance Committee's Baucus bill, which would force Americans to buy health insurance without offering a public option, is off to get married to the more progressive Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee bill.Max Baucus' health care bill has passed the Senate Finance Committee, with the help of lone wolf Sen. Olympia Snowe.