Oh, Right, There’s That Whole ‘War’ Thing

Mar 30, 2008
OK, John McCain, still "fine" with the U.S. staying in Iraq for another 100 years? And as for the Democratic presidential hopefuls, how does the whole troop withdrawal scenario change in light of the outbreak of heavy fighting in Basra this week? These are just a couple of the questions that couldn't be more timely -- or pressing -- on the campaign trail this weekend.
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Most U.S. News Orgs Won’t Run Muhammad Cartoons

Feb 4, 2006
As violence spreads across the world, Editor & Publisher has the best take yet on why most US news outlets won't re-publish the satirical images | storyABC is one of the very few to do so | video (there's a commercial)Update: Check out the way Truthdig's Mr Fish depicted Jesus in a cartoonIs it offensive, an exercise in free speech, or both?.