occupied territories

Whitewashing Israeli History

Jul 22, 2009
Because if it's not in the history books, it didn't happen. Today's Orwell Award goes to the Israeli government, whose education minister has decided to remove references to what Palestinians call the "catastrophe" -- when Israel defeated five Arab nations in a 1948 war and expelled 700,000 Palestinians -- from textbooks given to Arab schoolchildren.

Gaza Probe Gets No Help From Israel

May 20, 2009
Investigators with the UN Human Rights Council may be forced to enter the Palestinian territories from Egypt because Israel is likely to refuse cooperation in the U’s mission to investigate potential war crimes by the Israeli military and Hamas.
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Israel Rejects 48-Hour Cease-Fire

Dec 31, 2008
After five days of almost constant aerial attacks and the deaths of nearly 400 Palestinians, the Israeli government has refused a 48-hour cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, arguing that it needs to "keep up the pressure on Hamas" -- a startling euphemism for its lethal assaults -- as the Israeli military ramps up for a likely ground invasion.

Israel Rejects U.N. Aid Plea

Nov 19, 2008
If it looks heartless and sounds heartless, it probably is heartless. A direct quote from a Voice of America news piece: "Israel is ignoring pleas by the United Nations to allow humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip, standing firm on its blockade of the Palestinian territory."

Israel Reportedly Ready to Return Golan

Apr 23, 2008
"Informed sources" say the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, a historically contested area between Israel and Syria, may soon find itself under new management. The two countries, which have been at war with each other since 1973, are both looking to resume the stalled 2000 peace talk process, which Syria has declared will not happen until the Golan Heights are returned.

You Take the High, Palestinians Take the Low

Mar 28, 2008
An interim decision by the Israeli Supreme Court on Wednesday marked the beginning of what could become a two-tiered road system in the West Bank. With two separate legal systems for Palestinians and Israelis already in operation, critics fear segregated roads would lead toward further institutionalization of apartheid in the occupied territories.