Naomi Wolf on Kate Middleton Topless, Pussy Riot, and the Sexualized Female Body

Sep 20, 2012
According to the author of "Vagina: A New Biography," we are undergoing an "unprecedented struggle" among women, their bodies and sexuality. Citing recent examples including the Russian punk band Pussy Riot, the frenzy over "virginity tests" in Egypt and recent efforts in the U.S. to legislate the female body, Wolf argues that female sexuality is being targeted around the world.

The Skinny on GOP Trip to the Holy Land

Aug 20, 2012
Despite a stodgy reputation, Republicans are capable of a little craziness. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was moved to scold a group of GOP congressmen who drank and went swimming -- at least one of them in the nude (that's him pictured) -- during a "fact-finding" trip to Israel last year.
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Donald Trump Spares Miss California

May 13, 2009
Looks like Carrie Prejean's opinions about gay marriage, as well as various and sundry racy snapshots in a state of undress, aren't going to end up costing her the Miss California title. On Tuesday, Donald Trump announced that Prejean was going to continue her reign -- and, shockingly, that he thought some of the photos were rather fetching.

Miss California to Lose Her Tiara?

May 6, 2009
Over the course of a couple weeks, Carrie Prejean -- model, Miss California and marriage moralizer -- has kicked up her fair share of controversy, and now she could be in danger of losing her title for taking her crusade against gay marriage past the parameters set by her pageant contract and for posing seminude four years ago.

The Skinny on Climate Change

Aug 20, 2007
By way of pointing out the vulnerability of both the human body and the global climate, artist Spencer Tunick photographed around 600 eco-conscious men and women in the altogether, posing atop a diminishing glacier in the Swiss Alps for Greenpeace.