Iran Has Us Over a Barrel–Of Oil

Jan 20, 2006
This New York Times piece spells out how fiendishly hard it's going to be to threaten Iran over its nukes while simultaneously guzzling its oil. | storyIt's sort of like admonishing a drug dealer for selling heroin to kids, and then scoring a dime bag of blow for yourself.

Iran ‘Does Not Need Nuclear Arms’

Jan 14, 2006
The Iranian president, while claiming that his nuclear research is peaceful, slammed the "double standards" of the West and those who seek to "make peace for themselves by creating war for others" | storyPerhaps he's right, but this guy is also a Holocaust denierUpdate: And now he wants to hold a debate on the scale and consequences of the Holocaust.
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Let’s Try That Diplomacy Thing…

Jan 13, 2006
Bush and the new German chancellor are pushing diplomacy on the Iranian nuclear issue | story If this seems in stark contrast with the president's Iraq policy, read Truthdig's Robert Scheer or Juan Cole--who argue that we've lost leverage over Iran because the Iraq war has empowered the Shiites in both countries to link arms against us .