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Flooding at a Peak in Paris, Threatens Downstream Towns

Jan 29, 2018
As France suffers its heaviest rains in 50 years, the inhabitants and tourists of the capital cope with an overflow of the Seine. The Louvre Museum has closed its bottom floor in response to the threat.

College Football: The Game Is Big Business

Sep 3, 2016
UCLA signed a 12-year, $280 million deal with sports apparel company Under Armour before the season began. It is the most lucrative apparel contract in sports history, but in the competitive world of endorsement deals, don’t expect the Bruins (head coach Jim Mora, pictured) to stay No. 1 for long.

Prosecuting Prosecutorial Abuse

Jan 18, 2013
Massachusetts' US Attorney Carmen Ortiz and Assistant U Attorney Stephen Heymann must be held accountable for their actions during their prosecution of the late Internet activist Aaron Swartz; in China, a father hired online "assassins" to kill his son's avatar in an attempt to save his real life; meanwhile, the U is giving the Afghan government a fleet of drones These discoveries and more after the jump.