north dakota

MIA Nuke Case Sparks Security Concerns

Sep 24, 2007
The disturbing security slip-up at North Dakota's Minot Air Force Base on Aug. 29, which resulted in the unintentional -- not to mention unsupervised and unauthorized -- transport of six nuclear warheads across the country to Louisiana, has touched off a major military inquiry and raised serious security concerns.

North Dakota Congressman Calls Bush a ‘Clown’

Aug 2, 2007
Here's a snippet that shows what it must be like for your average congressperson heading for work these days: Watch as North Dakota Rep Earl Pomeroy is descended upon by two women vigorously demanding that President Bush be impeached, which spurs a clearly irked Pomeroy to fume that, "I can't stand this president [but] people I represent don't wanna impeach this clown".