no child left behind
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An Education Declaration to Rebuild America

Jun 13, 2013
Good schools are essential to democracy and prosperity -- and it is our collective responsibility to educate all children, not just a fortunate few, according to a manifesto on the Education Opportunity Network. To rebuild America, we need a vision for 21st-century education based on seven principles, it urges.

Teachers Struggle for Tenure Under New Rules

Aug 18, 2012
With New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on a mission to “end tenure as we know it,” nearly half of the city’s eligible teachers were denied the status that educators’ advocates embrace as essential for defense against discriminatory firing.New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's campaign to “end tenure as we know it" resulted in nearly half of New York City's eligible teachers being denied tenure in 2012.

No Child Left Behind 10 Years Later

Jan 8, 2012
With the broadly lamented education bill turning 10 on Sunday and Congress and the White House divided over how to update it, Dana Goldstein at The Nation considers the effects of some of the law's mainstays: the spotlight on the achievement gap, standardized testing, the rhetoric of failing schools and upper-middle-class alienation.