Bill Clinton’s Legacy of Denial

Jun 6, 2016
Endorsing the Republican agenda of financial industry deregulation, reversing New Deal safeguards, President Clinton caused more damage to the American economy in the long run than any president since Herbert Hoover.That has always been the man’s special gift—to rise above, and indeed benefit from, the messes he created.
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Newsweek’s Bitcoin Hypocrisy

Mar 8, 2014
In exposing the identity of a man persuasively argued to have invented the virtual currency, Newsweek's deciders also reported that he likely has $400 million stashed away somewhere. Then they told everyone how to find him.

‘Left, Right & Center’: Debates Old and New, Newsweek and George McGovern

Oct 20, 2012
Truthdig Editor-in-Chief Bob Scheer reflects on George McGovern’s life on this week's "Left, Right and Center." The panelists also consider whether next week's presidential debate on foreign policy, which comes days after the spirited and contentious second encounter between the candidates, will focus on China, Afghanistan withdrawal and Libya. Or will it center on economics and America's financial strength around the world?

Gore Vidal Speaks Seriously Ill of the Dead

Aug 6, 2012
In this essay, first published in 2008, the iconic author objected to Newsweek's obituary of his onetime rival, William F Buckley, a "knightly man" who stood up to "bullies" like Gore Vidal by verbally gay-bashing him on national televisionIn this essay, first published in 2008, Gore Vidal objected to Newsweek's obituary of his onetime rival, William F Buckley .

American Media, Stay Away From Me

Dec 4, 2011
American news media outlets such as Time and Newsweek are keeping the U.S. in the dark about world issues; a Silicon Valley startup has dreamed up a ship for international techies to avoid immigration problems; and Wi-Fi and cellphones are making us sick—or are they? These discoveries and more after the jump.