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Geithner and Goldman, Thick as Thieves

Jun 1, 2011
What was Timothy Geithner thinking back in 2008 when, as president of the New York Fed, he decided to give Goldman Sachs a $30 billion interest-free loan as part of an $80 billion secret float to favored banks? The sordid details of that program were finally made public this week in response to a court order for a Freedom of Information Act release, thanks to a Bloomberg News lawsuit.Oh yes, what did Goldman do with that taxpayer money it borrowed back in 2008?
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In Money-Changers We Trust

Dec 29, 2010
Two years into the Obama presidency and the economic data is still looking grim Don’t be fooled by the gyrations of the stock market, where optimism is mostly a reflection of the ability of financial corporations -- thanks to massive government largesse -- to survive the mess they created.

Geithner’s Record of Failure

Jan 15, 2009
Forget that business with the maid whose work papers expired The real scandal with Timothy Geithner, Barack Obama's choice to head the Treasury Department, is his history of lax regulation -- at least where his friends at Citigroup were concerned ProPublica did some digging and found that Geithner's New York Fed "eased the reins as the company blew billions ".