Journalists Attack Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos for Challenging Donald Trump

Aug 27, 2015
“As usual when someone commits a real act of journalism aimed at the most powerful in the U.S., those leading the charge against him are other journalists, who so tellingly regard actual journalism as a gauche and irreverent crime against those who wield the greatest power and thus merit the greatest deference,” writes Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept.
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Bill Moyers on Net Neutrality’s Motley Crew

Jan 17, 2007
At a media reform conference in Memphis, the PBS newsman applauded the coalition-building skills of the architects of the Net Neutrality movement. "Who would have imagined that sitting together in the same democratic broadband pew would be the Christian Coalition, Gun Owners of America, Common Cause and"

Weekly Video Roundup

Dec 23, 2006
In this week's edition of Truthdig-flavored videos, Jon Stewart disassembles Iraq war cheerleader Bill Kristol, Colin Powell tears down John McCain's "troop surge" arguments, and a Va. congressman spouts off some head-scratching anti-Muslim remarks.

Sen. Stevens’ Internet Ignorance Goes Viral

Jul 12, 2006
Check out a glorious techno mash-up song of Sen. Ted Stevens' instantly infamous speech last week on Internet technologies, in which the 85-year-old chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee--which is debating Net Neutrality--betrayed his woefully inadequate grasp of Net fundamentals. (h/t: Crooks and Liars)

Sen. Stevens’ Internet Ignorance Is Frightening

Jul 4, 2006
As chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, Sen Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) is in charge of bills that control the future of the Internet (like Net Neutrality) So you'll understand why we at Truthdig start crying when we read about the 85-year-old's feeble grasp of this world-changing technology A few Stevens quotes: "An internet was sent by my staff at 10 o?clock" "What happens to your own personal internet?".

Save the Internet (Today)!

Jun 28, 2006
The Senate is due to vote Wednesday on the Net Neutrality bill. Click here and CALL. YOUR. SENATOR. Otherwise, when AT&T is deciding which content streams fastest to your computer, you'll have no one to blame but yourself.