naomi klein

Klein Disowns ‘Shock’ Film

Aug 28, 2009
A recent squabble between "The Shock Doctrine" author Naomi Klein and the director who is adapting her book into a documentary film has led Klein to ask that her name be taken off the credits. Conflict reportedly arose over the form of the documentary, and the director's use of narration rather than interviews as the key story-telling device.

Workers of the World Show Who’s Boss

May 15, 2009
Across Europe and even in the U.S., a new wave of direct action to “rebuild the economy from the ground up” is rising. Some workers are responding to layoffs and workplace shutdowns by ousting their bosses and seeking to run things their own way. Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis report on the state of worker-control movements today in light of the current economic crisis.

Naomi Klein: Palin = ‘Bush in Drag’

Sep 21, 2008
Here's a sound bite for the ages: "The Shock Doctrine" author Naomi Klein was one of the panelists on the Sept. 19 episode of "Real Time With Bill Maher," and when the conversation inevitably turned to Sarah Palin, Klein pronounced the GOP VP nominee to be "basically Bush in drag."
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Beijing 2008: Are You Ready for McCommunism?

Aug 8, 2008
Naomi Klein points out that while repression in China is nothing new, Police State 20 has nothing to do with Communist ideological purity and everything to do with creating "the ultimate consumer cocoon for Visa cards, Adidas sneakers, China Mobile cell phones, McDonald's happy meals, Tsingtao beer, and UPS delivery -- to name just a few of the official Olympic sponsors But the hottest new market of all is the surveillance itself an entirely for-profit affair that is the latest frontier for the global Disaster Capitalism Complex" .

Hedges, Klein Join The Nation, ACLU in FISA Lawsuit

Jul 11, 2008
Following Thursday's announcement that Congress had passed the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, there were some who weren't willing to take the news sitting down. In fact, Congress' capitulation sparked a legal response from the ACLU and The Nation magazine and two of its key contributors -- Chris Hedges and Naomi Klein -- in the form of a lawsuit.