The Culture Workers Go On Strike

Dec 2, 2022
Cultural and academic workers would seem to benefit from disruptions of business, including the formation of new unions and strikes by existing ones.
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On the Big Rock

Mar 13, 2012
My largest problem with "Levitated Mass" is not with its artistic quality (or lack of quality), but rather with the excessive cost of the process.If LACMA wants to call Heizer's "creation" art, let that appellation stand, but art can and should be subject to critical judgment.

Google Goes to Iraq

Nov 25, 2009
The Internet Juggernaut, pursuing its quest to make all the world's information universally available, has gone to the national museum in Baghdad, which was notoriously looted following the U.S. invasion of Iraq. CEO Eric Schmidt made the trek to announce that Google has photographed thousands of the just-reopened museum's treasures.