Police ‘Regret’ Airing of Shooter’s Video

Apr 20, 2007
The superintendent of the Virginia state police has politely criticized NBC for airing the Virginia Tech shooter's video diatribe. The head of NBC News defended the decision to broadcast the footage, saying: "I'm not sure we'll ever fully understand why this happened, but I do think this is as close as we'll come to having a glimpse inside the mind of a killer."
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Another Russian Journalist Dies Prematurely

Mar 7, 2007
Police say Ivan Safronov, a military correspondent for a major Russian newspaper, jumped out of a fifth-floor window. But the media and friends say it's likelier that he was murdered because his reporting had embarrassed Vladimir Putin's government. Thirteen Russian journalists were killed in 2006, making it the third-most-dangerous country to report from. (h/t: Largest Minority)

Soldier Gets 100 Years for Rape and Murder

Feb 23, 2007
Sgt. Paul Cortez has been sentenced to 100 years in prison for his role in the rape of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl and the murder of her and her family. Cortez testified that he and two other soldiers chose the family because it was an "easy target." The gang rape, murder and mutilation of the girl (the soldiers burned her corpse) outraged Iraqis.

Casualties From the Battle Over PTSD

Feb 17, 2007
Pvt. Jacob Burgoyne was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and ordered to a psychiatric facility, but the Army sent him home instead. Shortly thereafter, Burgoyne stabbed a fellow soldier 32 times and set his body aflame because, he said, "that's how we disposed of bodies in Iraq."

Court Documents Link ‘Death House’ to High-Ranking U.S. Officials

Dec 3, 2006
The Observer's online edition says it has obtained documents that show U.S. officials allowed a drug informant to continue a campaign of murder in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, so as to preserve his ability to share information. At least 12 people were killed, with knowledge of the murderer allegedly extending into the upper echelons of American power. Thanks to Cynthia Marler-Wills for the tip.

U.S. Troops Reportedly ‘Smiled Before Killing’ Detainees

Aug 3, 2006
Four US paratroopers charged with murdering three detainees in Iraq smiled before shooting them, according to the BBC Separately, in the Haditha massacre, a Pentagon official says evidence supports the claim that U troops deliberately killed some two dozen civiliansAtrocities like these are further poisoning America's already toxic image in the Middle East, and a continued occupation is likely to produce more of the same.