mohamed elbaradei
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Tahrir Square All Over Again

Nov 20, 2011
Egyptian security forces killed at least three demonstrators in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Sunday as troops moved against huge crowds protesting the military’s attempts to grant itself permanent governmental powers a week before the first post-Mubarak parliamentary elections.

The Right Smears ElBaradei

Feb 3, 2011
To his fellow Egyptians and to most observers across the world, Mohamed ElBaradei looks like a hero -- an international diplomat who might well have lived out his days in the comforts of Geneva and New York but instead returned home to provide leadership despite serious personal peril.

Egyptian Upheaval: Day 6

Jan 31, 2011
A military show of strength defined the sixth day of anti-government protests across Egypt. Jet fighters repeatedly flew over Cairo's Tahrir Square, the main center for demonstrators, while a column of tanks, a la Tiananmen Square, was blocked by protesters.