The Model and Mutassim Gadhafi

Nov 4, 2011
Given what we now know about Moammar Gadhafi's obscene fortune, it's not surprising to hear that his son, Mutassim -- the one who died on the same day as his father -- had lavish spending habits, or that he liked to spread the wealth while courting (more).

So Long, Bettie Page

Dec 12, 2008
Long before Madonna, Dita Von Teese or any number of aspiring sirens squeezed into their first corsets, there was proto-vixen Bettie Page, who brought her own racy sensibility to the art of pinup photography in the 1950s.
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The Miseducation of ‘Miss Bimbo’

Mar 25, 2008
Things were already mighty grim for girls in terms of media-generated role models, but the online game "Miss Bimbo" represents a new low. Based on a script concocted by "lads," Miss Bimbo challenges girl gamers to master the art of bodily manipulation via dieting and plastic surgery to -- what else? -- hook a man.

The 10-Year Weather Forecast

Aug 10, 2007
A team of British scientists has developed a short-term, 10-year projection of the climate crisis -- that's short-term because most global-warming models work with centuries. And, yes, their findings indicate it will continue to get hotter through the next decade.

Bush Wants Iraq to Be More Like Israel

Jun 29, 2007
President Bush, in an effort to buy time and lower expectations for the surge, has set a new goal for Iraq: be like Israel. As in a country "that can protect its people, deliver basic services for all its citizens and function as a democracy even amid violence." In view of daily violence that's off the charts by Israeli standards and Iraq's lack of a functioning government, democratic or otherwise, couldn't he have set the bar a tad lower? But as long as you're aiming high, why not just change the name to New Finland and leave?