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Renewables ‘Need Huge Mineral Supply’

Oct 31, 2013
The world will have to hugely increase its consumption of minerals, and to find sustainable ways of exploiting them, if it is to replace fossil fuel technologies with renewables, researchers say.

They Just Found $1 Trillion in Afghanistan

Jun 14, 2010
Afghanistan was thought to be a hardscrabble wasteland good for producing little more than opium -- that is until a gang of American geologists working from old Soviet maps uncovered a variety of mineral deposits thought to be rich enough to radically alter our whole concept of Afghanistan and the war to control it.

Conflict Cell Phones

Jun 22, 2009
You've heard of conflict diamonds, but did you know there might be blood on your cell phone? This PSA brings a little-known aspect of the conflict in Eastern Congo to light and offers a suggestion on how global consumers can help.