merrill lynch

Feeding the Flame of Revolt

Nov 18, 2013
"Hactivist" Jeremy Hammond speaks out for his principles as a harsh sentence is imposed on him. His case exposes the deep fear the state now has of its own citizenry."Hactivist" Jeremy Hammond speaks out for his principles as he receives a harsh sentence. His case exposes the fear the state now has of its own citizenry.

Larry Summers and the ‘End-Game’ Memo

Aug 26, 2013
A 1997 memo retrieved from the filing cabinet of investigative reporter Greg Palast shows the involvement of Lawrence Summers -- Obama's current favorite for chairman of the Federal Reserve -- in a successful plan to help big bank CEOs "rip apart financial regulation across the planet."
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The Magnetar Fallout

May 18, 2012
The hedge fund Magnetar helped create billions of dollars' worth of collateralized debt obligations that super-charged the financial meltdown, profited the company enormously and for which it's seen no punishment. Here's a roundup of the known charges, settlements, and investigations that stem from those deals.

A Closer Glance at the Fed Audit, Please

Dec 7, 2011
It's been available for almost six months now: the first independent audit of the Federal Reserve. In case you haven’t read it top-to-bottom, former Congressman Alan Grayson, who petitioned the study along with Rep. Ron Paul, wants to draw your attention to some of his favorite parts.

Does Harold Ford Jr.’s Race Matter?

Jan 19, 2010
New Yorkers, beware It seems that former US Rep Harold Ford Jr, a transplant from Tennessee, has upset people again Ford, an executive at Merrill Lynch and a New York University lecturer who might be seeking to unseat fellow Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand of New York in a race for the U Senate, has made a very bold statement about his identity.

McCain Gets It, Obama Doesn’t

Jan 6, 2010
Maybe I got it wrong. During the presidential campaign I wrote columns blasting Sen. John McCain for siding with the big bankers on deregulation, citing his choosing ex-Sen. Phil Gramm, currently a vice chairman of the Swiss-owned banking giant UBS, as his presidential campaign chair.Although Obama has blasted “fat cat bankers on Wall Street,” it is time for those who elected him to ask for more than rhetoric.