Iraq Demands Blackwater Exit Strategy

Oct 9, 2007
Iraqi authorities have given the U.S. six months to cut ties with Blackwater, and are demanding custody of the private security guards who, according to a government investigation, recklessly opened fire on Iraqi civilians while escorting a State Department convoy.

Contractors Outnumber U.S. Troops in Iraq

Jul 5, 2007
According to data from the State and Defense departments, there are more than 180,000 civilian contractors on America's payroll in Iraq That's about a surge's worth more than the current troop count, and it doesn't fully include private security contractors The L Times takes an exhaustive look at the "coalition of the billing".
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Checking In With the Willing

Jun 14, 2007
Radar Online checks in with Mongolia, Bulgaria and the other member nations of the "coalition of the willing" still fighting in Iraq. Albania, true to its love of George W. Bush, promises to see the war through to the end, with its 120 troops. Reminder: Of the roughly 162,000 troops fighting in Iraq, 150,000 are American, 7,100 are British and the rest, a hodgepodge of nations from Armenia to the Ukraine -- and that's not counting the mercenaries.

The Shadow Army

Dec 22, 2006
When debating troop levels in Iraq, one ought not to forget the countless bodyguards, interpreters, truck drivers and mercenaries scattered around the country. Apparently not even Central Command has a firm grasp of just how many civilian contractors are employed in Iraq -- a number that could be as high as 100,000.