Cheney-Drinking Questions Percolating (and fermenting)

Feb 17, 2006
The traditional media and the blogosphere are abuzz with questions about the drinking Cheney did before hunting; whether his medications, combined with alcohol, may have played a role; and whether this explains why he didn't alert the media for so long about the accident (i.e., did he need the time to get the intoxicants out of his system?). Some of the best writing on the topic: Think Progress: McClellan Ducks Questions on Role of Alcohol AMERICAblog: What did Cheney drink and when did he drink it? Tucker Carlson: You CanӒt Drink A Beer If You Shoot. Period. Think Progress: Inconsistencies in statements of Cheney's "star witness" Raw Story: 'Beer quote' scrubbed from MSNBC story The Nation's John Nichols: Cheney has a lot more explaining to do

Below the Radar: Conditions Worsen in Iraq

Feb 9, 2006
You might not hear it from the US media, but the situation continues to deteriorate In the last few days: Four U Marines are killed and 20 Iraqis die in twin car bombings A British lieutenant colonel says, "You almost move from being part of the solution to becoming part of the problem" A car bomb in Basra City kills 20, exploding the myth that the southern, Shiite part of Iraq is secure.
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Welcome to Truthdig

Nov 29, 2005
Check out the quote at the top of the page from legendary media critic A.J. Liebling and you'll know why we've launched this website. Publisher Zuade Kaufman states our goals in the About Us section. As for me, it just feels good to be an owner of this little corner of the media world, playing host to fine journalists like the ones you'll find on this page.