Who Was Barbie?

Aug 7, 2023
Nine authors give their analysis of the Barbie movie and the cultural phenomenon surrounding Mattel's new film.
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‘Mad Men’ Gets the Barbie Treatment

Mar 11, 2010
They don't come with the full range of accessories to complement their onscreen characters -- eg, cigarettes, cocktails, someone else's dog tags -- but Mattel's new line of "Mad Men" Barbie dolls at least includes a mistress, in the form of a plastic Joan Holloway But Joan's famous assets (continued).

Introducing Computer Geek Barbie

Feb 20, 2010
Before anyone freaks out, let us unequivocally state that we heart the computer geeks. Apparently toymaker Mattel Inc. is hoping that members of its Barbie target market do, too, as the company is debuting its own computer engineer version of the iconic blond doll, complete with a pink laptop and a stylish-yet-nerdy T-shirt.

Paging Ralph Nader

Aug 15, 2007
With the news that Nokia is recalling millions of batteries, on top of the ongoing exploding laptop problem, and Chinese-made products ranging from toothpaste to Barbies sounding alarm bells, we can't help but feel the absence of America's greatest consumer advocate.