matt taibbi
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Taibbi and Olbermann Talk Money and Politics

Jan 6, 2012
In this clip from Thursday's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," Rolling Stone's provocateur du jour, Matt Taibbi, weighs in on a decision by the Montana Supreme Court that could deal a substantial blow to the notorious Citizens United SCOTUS ruling of 2010, which represents at least one issue around which some conservatives and progressives can rally for change.

Taibbi’s List: Five Demands for OWS

Oct 14, 2011
Much has been made -- including a lot of noise -- about the Occupy Wall Street movement's supposed lack of a cohesive message or handy list of bullet points to rally around, which even New York Times editors noted is somewhat beside the point Regardless, Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi has come up with five action items for OWS, which (more).