Remembering My Day With Stan Lee

Nov 14, 2018
I write to honor a titan who has passed on, who once did me a great kindness when I was a mere college student. Meeting him was the thrill of a lifetime.
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Get Me Out of Wakanda!

Mar 6, 2018
For those of us aiming to build a better world, "Black Panther" is nothing short of enemy propaganda.

Here to Save the Day? Not if You’re Gay

Jun 1, 2012
A conservative Christian group calling itself One Million Moms is up in arms about DC Comics’ decision to reveal that one of its well-known characters is gay. The organization is demanding the publisher reverse its decision, because if Superman wants to kiss men, so will your son.

Spider-Man Loses His Job

Mar 3, 2010
Not even superheroes are safe in this economy. Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, is going to get fired in the next issue of the comic book. Marvel says the unemployed webslinger will have to figure out how to pay his rent and buy web fluid without his photography gig.