mark zuckerberg

Facebook Is Too Cool for E-Mail

Nov 16, 2010
Facebook is trying to reinvent messaging -- just don't call it e-mail Yeah, you'll get an @Facebook e-mail acount, but as CEO Mark "Maaaaark!" Zuckerberg says, "It's not e-mail" Instead the new platform will collect your entire messaging history .

‘The Social Network’: Your Life in Pixels

Oct 2, 2010
The 1970s were branded the “Me Decade” long ago, but whatever shadowy committee makes such important temporal pronouncements might want to reconsider that call in light of the last 10 years.Stripped of its particulars, "The Social Network" is a classic fable about love and betrayal and the outsider wanting in so badly he ends up destroying what he desires the most.
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Facebook Tailors Privacy Settings to Suit ‘Social Norms’

Jan 12, 2010
Facebook has come under fire more than once for its execs' creative interpretations of the term privacy, and now the megasite's fresh-faced CEO Mark Zuckerberg has drummed up a very interesting line of argument to justify his stance on the issue. What you might see as violations of personal privacy, Zuckerberg and his team view as "reflect[ing] the current social norms." Oh.