mark foley

Scandals Rattle Republican Ranks

Aug 29, 2007
The GOP is undergoing a bit of an ethical crisis following the recent string of scandals involving prominent Republicans -- the most recent being, of course, the media hullabaloo surrounding Sen. Larry Craig's run-in with an undercover policeman in a Minneapolis airport men's room. Oh, and then there's that whole Iraq war issue.

Foley Scandal: Ethics Committee Chastises to No Avail

Dec 9, 2006
Having just finished its investigation of the Mark Foley coverup, the House Ethics Committee said lawmakers behaved inappropriately, but that no rules were broken: "In all, a pattern of conduct was exhibited among many individuals to remain willfully ignorant of the potential consequences of former Representative Foley's conduct with respect to House pages."

Have You Seen This Man?

Nov 3, 2006
Disgraced Congressman Mark Foley has indefinitely extended his stay in rehab. Though his lawyer refused to specify how long he would remain in hiding, one can only assume Foley plans to wait out the election and minimalize further damage to his party and reputation.
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Hastert Testifies Before a Committee of His Own Design

Oct 25, 2006
Dennis Hastert testified for roughly two hours and 40 minutes today before a closed session of the House Ethics Committee. The objectivity of the committee's investigation into the Foley affair has been in doubt, especially in light of the fact that last year Hastert removed its then-chairman, Joel Hefley, for admonishing Tom DeLay.

Politics Make for Very Strange Bedfellows

Oct 14, 2006
So, as if the Mark Foley stuff wasn't weird enough already, it's about to get even weirder and nastier. According to Max Blumenthal at The Nation, some anti-Republican gay rights activists (inspired apparently by the Foley scandal and a supposed "gay clique" that some claim to be responsible for the coverup) sent a memo with the names of closeted congressional staffers to Christian-right advocacy groups in hopes of inciting a "purge" of gay Republicans from Washington.

Andrew Sullivan on GOP Homosexuality and Hypocrisy

Oct 13, 2006
Conservative blogger and gay activist Andrew Sullivan visited "The Colbert Report" to discuss the GOP's double standard when it comes to homosexuality: "They can't pretend to be tolerant in private, and intolerant in public. They're either going to have to purge all the gays from the Republican Party or they're going to start having to behave like grown-ups and treat us like human beings."