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Obama’s Pen Pals

Aug 4, 2009
Every day the president reads 10 letters from the public that are handpicked by his staff. Lately, he says, a lot of them are about health care. Here's a White House-produced look at the process.

The Mail War

Feb 26, 2008
Hillary Clinton was so irked by a couple of Barack Obama campaign mailers that a few days ago she publicly scolded him and said "every Democrat should be outraged" Clinton herself has been accused of sending misleading mailers to voters, including one that went out shortly after her now infamous "shame on you" news conference For inundated Ohioans, it's a question of whom to trust Updated.

Romney Hits Out at Rivals Over Immigration

Jan 15, 2008
Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney is engaged in a make-or-break contest in Michigan, and his eleventh-hour mailers to supporters are striking an urgent note, as evidenced by this recent swipe at rivals John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee over their stands on immigration.

Bush Thinks He’s the Emperor

Jan 6, 2007
Adding to a long list of subversive signing statements, George W. Bush has taken the knees out from under recently passed postal legislation that requires a warrant to open mail. You'd think with his army of advisers and aides someone might explain to the president that when Congress passes a law, and he signs it, that's the law, not a prompt for interpretive rule.

On the Great Ukrainian Bride Hunt

Jul 24, 2006
A Harper's reporter goes undercover on a tour designed to introduce Western men to Eastern European and Russian women The tour company says men are treated ?like an alpha-male wolf having the sheep brought in? (The picture above is a real company listing) .

Working Conditions in China’s Apple iPod Factory Exposed

Jun 15, 2006
The Mail on Sunday publishes an exposé on the conditions endured by iPod assemblers in China. Says a female worker: "We have to work too hard and I am always tired. It's like being in the army. They make us stand still for hours. If we move, we are punished by being made to stand still for longer." Salon link (reg req'd) Summary of article