mahdi army

British Troops Begin Basra Pullout

Aug 27, 2007
About 60 Britons withdrew from an Iraqi police base in Basra this weekend, marking the first step in British troops' exodus from the city. The BBC reports that the troops' overnight departure caused some confusion as to who assumed control of the base, and British and Iraqi officials are denying reports that militant members of Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army took over the outpost following the British pullout.
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Baghdad Raid Kills 32, Sparks Protests

Aug 9, 2007
An overnight attack carried out by American and Iraqi forces against an alleged militant cell killed 32 people in Sadr City, US military sources reported Wednesday The raid targeted members of the Mahdi Army militia believed to be smuggling weapons and working in tandem with Iranian militants against U forces, but other sources claimed that women and children numbered among the dead.

Iraqi Death Tally Triples Official Reports

Feb 28, 2006
The violence unleashed after last week's bombing of a Shiite Muslim shrine claimed 1,300 Iraqi lives, triple the number reported by the US military Outside of major U offensives, these have been the deadliest few days in the last three years in Iraq UPDATE: The violence continues with multiple attacks claiming 68 lives on Tuesday.