lou dobbs

Dobbs Takes a Dive

Jun 10, 2009
It seems that immigrant bashing isn't the ratings fertilizer it used to be. Just ask CNN blowhard Lou Dobbs, who hitched his wagon to a xenophobia boomlet only to discover that angry white men are a fickle bunch.

Boston Tea Party, 2008

Oct 1, 2008
How dare you throw that tea into Boston Harbor! Such is the anti-democratic arrogance of the fear-mongering pundits and politicians who tell us if we taxpayers don’t instantly give the Wall Street banking bandits a $700-billion bailout, we are destroying America.
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James Blight on the Cuban Missile Crisis

Aug 22, 2008
In "One Minute to Midnight," Michael Dobbs' definitive book on the 1962 crisis that brought the world to the brink of nuclear annihilation, the question of lessons learned and unlearned remains as acute as ever.

Does Lou Dobbs Have His Eye on New Jersey?

Jun 13, 2008
We don't normally pay much attention to rumors here, but this one caught our eye. Apparently Republicans are buzzing that Lou Dobbs, the CNN anchor who styles himself a populist but comes off more like the unhinged distant relative who ruined Christmas, is thinking of running for governor of New Jersey.

The Dubious Mr. Dobbs

Dec 5, 2007
The CNN personality, who continues to beat the drum against "illegal aliens," claims to be a journalist. If he really is one, he should respect facts and correct errors. Let's all hold our breath until that happens.

CNN’s Working Class Hero

Oct 12, 2006
Lou Dobbs on 'the Daily Show' calls for a return to progressive values: "Why don't we take on the concept that's held the country in pretty good stead for 200 years and return to a national vision of shared burdens, shared responsibilities and shared sacrifice."