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China Aims to Cut Meat Eating in Half

Jun 27, 2016
The Chinese government has issued guidelines to help wean its citizens onto a more vegetarian diet -- offering huge potential health gains and cuts in greenhouse gases.

Brazil Beef Tax Could Spare Forests

May 11, 2014
Scientists have come up with a prescription of taxes and incentives to address the Amazon rainforest’s health problems and cut greenhouse gases by encouraging Brazil's cattle farmers to make more efficient use of pasture land.

U.S. Farmers Face Fraught Future

Feb 7, 2013
American farmers could lose millions of dollars to rising temperatures, faster-growing weeds, smaller yields and new pests, says a study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Livestock Antibiotics and FDA Inaction: A Look Back

Apr 5, 2012
We learned back in the mid-1970s that livestock antibiotics increase the presence of drug-resistant bacteria in farmworkers. Since then, meat and poultry production has nearly tripled while business, government and public advocates have battled over industry regulation. ProPublica charts that battle's history.