life expectancy
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Glenn Greenwald Is on Collapsing Empire Watch

Oct 12, 2010
As the Salon scribe points out, it can be "quite difficult to really internalize" America's superpower implosion, but the numbers don't lie. Our life expectancy ranking is dropping like a rock, while we're getting better and better at imprisoning, executing and selling guns to people. USA! USA!

Cuba by the Numbers

Sep 30, 2010
Fidel Castro recently told The Atlantic that the Cuban model does not work anymore, not even for Cuba. But according to statistics collected by none other than the CIA, the Cuban model has actually worked very well. Fidel Castro recently said the Cuban model does not work anymore, but according to CIA statistics, it has actually worked very well.

U.S. Life Expectancy Hits All-Time High

Sep 13, 2007
Here's the good news: Significant drops in heart disease and strokes, two leading causes of death among Americans, have contributed to the highest life expectancy in the country's history, which rose to 77.9 years in the latest report released by the National Center for Health Statistics.