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Gentlemen, Sharpen Your Spears

Jun 20, 2012
Those who prize civility over frank talk or success in politics may be disheartened to learn that attack ads of the type President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have begun to fling at each other are as old as the republic itself, and as New York magazine columnist Frank Rich says, they’re absolutely essential for effective politics.

Robert Caro, LBJ and the Pursuit of Power

Jun 12, 2012
Robert Caro has so far spent 36 years writing the saga of Lyndon Johnson -- more time than the ambitious Texan spent climbing from Congress to the White House. Caro just released his fourth installment, “The Passage of Power,” which chronicles Johnson’s exit from a strong position in the Senate into the relative powerlessness of the vice presidency.

Jonathan Alter: Health Care Puts Obama in FDR’s League

May 27, 2010
Newsweek senior editor and columnist Jonathan Alter talks about his new book, "The Promise: President Obama, Year One," and why "Just by getting health care through [Barack Obama is] now standing alone with Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson in terms of domestic achievement"The Newsweek columnist says, "Just by getting health care through ".