Pelosi Has Reason to Smile

Mar 5, 2009
It's "a completely different world," says the House speaker, delighted by "the fact that we have a Democratic president who put forth an agenda for America that contained many of the issues that we have been fighting for over the years".

The President’s Address to Congress

Feb 25, 2009
In his first speech to a joint session of Congress, President Obama acknowledged the dire state of the economy, but struck a hopeful tone as he expanded on his vision for recovery. Investments in energy, education and health care will be key, he said, as will an expanded bailout of the financial sector. (Summary, video and full text after the jump)

Colbert Turns O’Reilly Against Himself

Jan 29, 2009
Bill O'Reilly must be some kind of highly dedicated comedian who has managed to fool the country with a series of elaborate Andy Kaufman-esque stunts. How else to explain moments like this, exquisitely captured by Stephen Colbert, when the "Factor" host unintentionally ridicules himself ad absurdum?
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Faith Amid the Ruins of Faith

Jan 22, 2009
After the collapse of trust in every sort of expert -- after lenders financed houses for people who couldn't afford them, bankers created systems they couldn't even describe and, finally, we hear, Bernie Madoff ripped off even his high school friends -- there is a residue of resilience.

Kennedy Collapses During Inauguration Lunch

Jan 21, 2009
An ailing Ted Kennedy experienced seizures during a ceremonial luncheon on Capitol Hill and was removed from the private function, according to reports. President Obama accompanied Kennedy from the room and then returned to offer a few words of support. The luncheon then went ahead, though without Sen. Robert Byrd, who was too upset over his friend's seizure to stay. Update 2

One for the Workers

Jan 13, 2009
Hilda Solis does not have star power. What the nominee for labor secretary does have is a record of loyalty to those who work and want to work, and who wish to receive in exchange a decent wage and a measure of dignity.

N.Y. Times Gets Punk’d

Dec 23, 2008
On Monday, the paper of record published an e-mail from the mayor of Paris slamming Caroline Kennedy's political maneuvering as "appalling." Unfortunately, the Times failed to check whether the message was authentic -- it wasn't. Guess that explains all those articles by Nigerian princes.