ken mehlman

Mehlman to Quit RNC

Nov 10, 2006
CNN reported that Ken Mehlman is going to leave as chair of the RNC According to CNN's John King, "He's been on the gerbil wheel, as one of his close friends put it, for well in excess of six years now, and he's tired" Yeah, that, and he just got the biggest spanking of his political life.

Hypocritically, RNC Took Money From Gay Porn King

Oct 31, 2006
The Republican National Committee is a regular recipient of political contributions from Nick Boyias, above, one of America's largest gay porn distributors. The hypocrisy: The RNC ran an ad last week accusing Rep. Harold Ford (D-Tenn.) of taking money from pornographic movie producers. (TPM has the scoop.)
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Lamont Heads New GOP Bogeymen Lineup

Aug 10, 2006
RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman has released a video titled "From NDR to Ned Lamont: The Democratic Party's Transformation From Strength to Weakness" Its message is obvious Its logic is ludicrous -- ie that only blind adherence to Bush's failed policies will make America safe (More after the jump) .