judith miller

Should the Media Expose Dubious Anonymous Sources?

Jul 3, 2017
The integrity of the news process requires a more searching response than just CNN's retraction of a Trump-Russia article and the resignation of three journalists. (Pictured, "Deep Throat" as depicted in "All the President's Men.")
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‘Fair Game’: Spying in the Suburbs

Nov 9, 2010
It’s not quite “Ozzie and Harriet with Security Clearances,” but there is something inescapably unedifying in watching the Wilsons bicker their way through the clichés of marital disaffection in a case that—let’s face it—was of small import in the context of the much larger crimes perpetrated by a pusillanimous power elite.The film is more about the deterioration of suburban decorum than it is about the deterioration of honor and probity in the upper reaches of American government.

Fox News: Home for Wayward Analysts

Sep 2, 2010
To all pundits, politicians and journalists who got everything wrong about the Iraq War, fear not. You may have no credibility, but Fox News is your refuge and your benefactor. As Media Matters documents, the propaganda network has only added to its collection of mendacious war boosters since helping to launch the Iraq disaster.

Does Scooter Stand a Chance?

Jan 31, 2007
Conflicted journalist Judith Miller added her damning testimony to a mounting heap on Tuesday, saying "Scooter" Libby did in fact reveal to her that Joseph Wilson's wife worked at the CIA. With more and more witnesses contradicting Libby's account of events, his trial is starting to feel like a technicality on the way to a pardon.