jon hamm
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‘Mad Men’ Gets the Barbie Treatment

Mar 11, 2010
They don't come with the full range of accessories to complement their onscreen characters -- eg, cigarettes, cocktails, someone else's dog tags -- but Mattel's new line of "Mad Men" Barbie dolls at least includes a mistress, in the form of a plastic Joan Holloway But Joan's famous assets (continued).

‘Howl’ Stars Franco, Hamm Slam Prop. 8

Jan 26, 2010
When you're in a movie about a countercultural figure as big as Allen Ginsberg, it's going to be hard to avoid the political questions, and "Howl" stars Jon Hamm and James Franco, who plays the Beat-era poet in the film, were ready to hold forth at the Sundance Film Festival about one prominent political topic of our time: California's Proposition 8.

Brother, Can You Spare a Few Billion More?

Sep 23, 2009
Those poor, beleaguered health insurance honchos would be totally out to sea without the help of Hollywood's best and brightest -- Jon Hamm, Will Ferrell and Olivia Wilde among them -- to launch a dinghy of hope their way in the form of this timely PSA. Down with the public option!