john pilger

The Arrest of Julian Assange Appears Near

Jul 22, 2018
The Intercept is reporting that Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno is in London to "finalize an agreement under which Ecuador will withdraw its asylum protection of Julian Assange," exposing him to British arrest.
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A Plea to Protect Documentaries

Dec 13, 2017
Australian filmmaker and journalist John Pilger tells how films that dissent from the official version of the truth are an endangered species.

Killing: The American Way

Sep 22, 2017
The revisionism never stops. The blood never dries. The invader is pitied and purged of guilt while "searching for meaning in a terrible tragedy."

The International Persecution of Julian Assange

May 21, 2017
The WikiLeaks founder has survived the efforts of Sweden, Britain, Australia, the U.S. and parts of the press to destroy him—at least so far. Although the Swedish inquiry was dropped last week, no end is in sight for the long collusion against him.