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The Paradoxes of Pope Benedict XVI

Feb 12, 2013
Pope Benedict's resignation shouldn't have surprised us as much as it did. As an institutionalist who believes in the Roman Catholic Church as the carrier of truth in a sinful world, he would worry a great deal about the impact of his own infirmities on the institution's capacity to thrive.

Sarandon vs. the Vatican

Oct 18, 2011
Susan Sarandon is known for rousing the rabble, both onscreen and off, and she has infused her public persona with her politics in a way that has made her a celebrity spokeswoman for a certain brand of lefty sensibility and a lightning rod for the right She does give the impression (more) .
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Your Guide to Papal Beatification

Jan 15, 2011
The late Pope John Paul II, who died only six years ago, will move a step farther along the path toward sainthood when the Vatican beatifies him May 1 The campaign for his being declared a saint is being helped by his successor, Pope Benedict XVI, and by a French nun .

Pope Bringing Baggage to the Holy Land

May 5, 2009
Pope Benedict XVI is heading for Jerusalem soon as part of his tour of the Holy Land, and although he occupies the same vaunted position as his predecessor, Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict's own history, along with that of the church, carries a charge that could present challenges during his visit.