Corpses of Souls
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Walker Percy’s 1971 novel “Love in the Ruins” envisions a U.S. scuttled by moral degeneration, cruelty, violence and ignorance. It presciently describes society's spiritual and physical decay.

Goody 'Toe Shoes' Banned by Army
Larry's List


The U.S. military bans FiveFingers shoes because they "detract from a professional military image"; Rupert Murdoch sells MySpace for a measly $35 million; and Google teams with the Getty Museum to create a smartphone application for art lovers. These discoveries and more after the jump.

Bolivia Set to Pass ‘Law of Mother Earth’


In a political move that would make John Locke’s head explode, Bolivia is poised to pass a law that would grant nature equal rights with those afforded humans. The Law of Mother Earth is expected to usher in a radical new conservation policy against pollution and exploitation.

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