joe paterno

Paterno’s Exit Sparks Student Riot

Nov 10, 2011
Angry at school officials and the media for ousting football hero Joe Paterno, thousands of Penn State students poured into the streets of their college town Wednesday night, clashing with police, chanting and taking their frustrations out on local property and a news van.

Sex Scandal Sacks Joe Paterno

Nov 10, 2011
Since 1950, Joe Paterno has been a fixture at Penn State's football program and a legend in college football. He sent more than 250 players to the NFL and ran as clean an athletic program as may be reasonably accomplished, but now he has to end his career on a low note.
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The Shame in Happy Valley

Nov 8, 2011
Legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno said, "I did what I was supposed to" In fact, nobody at Penn State did what basic human decency requires -- and as a result, according to prosecutors, an alleged sexual predator who could have been stopped years ago was allowed to continue molesting young boys" In fact, nobody at Penn State did what basic human decency requires.