ivory coast
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Meanwhile, in Ivory Coast …

Apr 12, 2011
Libya may get all the attention, but another international effort to oust an African strongman may have reached its conclusion After three months of fighting, former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo was captured by forces loyal to France, the UN, his political opposition or all of the above, depending on who tells it (more).

Ivory Coast on the Brink

Mar 12, 2011
While the world’s attention is focused on the uprisings in North Africa, West Africa's Ivory Coast teeters on the brink of civil war in the wake of an election that saw outpolled President Laurent Gbagbo refuse to cede power.

Dueling Presidents in Ivory Coast

Dec 5, 2010
In an electoral equivalent of the game of chicken taken to the extreme, two candidates for the Ivory Coast presidency have both sworn themselves in, claiming the post for their own and sparking a major political crisis in the West African country.