Men Have Biological Clocks Too

Sep 5, 2006
A group of U.S. and UK researchers have suggested that children born to older fathers are likelier to develop autism. The study of 132,271 Israeli children implies the possibility that men also have time constraints on procreation.

Israeli Reservists Demand Olmert?s Resignation

Aug 22, 2006
The reserve soldiers are calling for their prime minister to step down because, they said, there was "no leadership" and they were inadequately trained for their mission in Lebanon. What effect will this call have on Olmert's standing? Well, it seems to depend on whether or not he's "The Decider," and whether he's the one who decides what's best.
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Israelis and Lebanese Are Still Talking — on the Net

Jul 23, 2006
Official diplomatic relations between the two countries may be at a nadir, but young citizens on both sides are finding common ground on Internet chat boards Says a blogger: "We have tons of things in common We come from two of the most liberal, educated countries in the Middle East" Also: Read the back story on that infamous picture of Israeli girls writing on rocket shells.

Jews Fight Fire with Satire

Feb 16, 2006
In the wake of an Iranian newspaper's cartoon contest to mock the Holocaust, an Israeli cartoonist is asking Jewish artists to draw anti-Semitic cartoons themselves. We wonder: Is this sort of like African Americans reclaiming the N-word as their own?