insider trading

GOP Congressman From New York Charged With Insider Trading

Aug 8, 2018
Christopher Collins is arrested on charges that he fed inside information he gleaned from sitting on the board of a biotechnology company to his son, helping themselves and others dodge hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses when bad news came out.
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Do As We Say, Congress Says, Before Doing What It Wants

Feb 1, 2013
Did you know Congress is exempt from portions of a number of federal laws, including provisions that protect workers in the private sector but don’t apply to the legislative branch’s approximately 30,000 employees? Here’s a look at some of the measures Congress exempts itself from.

Congressional Insider Trading Bill Clears House

Feb 10, 2012
Looks like that request President Obama made, in last month's State of the Union address, to send him a bill to sign that would restrict members of Congress from taking financial liberties in their own investment activities wasn't just a passing reference to score points with the public. Above, Rep. Eric Cantor.