Prisoners Fighting Fires Are Being Denied Justice

Sep 12, 2018
Joining the professional firefighting crews on the front lines of the massive California wildfires are thousands of prisoners, brought out of their jails to engage in this dangerous work, all for a dollar an hour or less.
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Prison Fire Kills More Than 300 in Honduras

Feb 15, 2012
One inmate's reported death wish led to the immolation of more than 300 people at a Honduran prison after the apparent instigator set fire to his mattress on Wednesday in the town of Comayagua, where some 356 others were still missing after the blaze, according to The Associated Press.

L.A. Jails to Get Ray-Gun Technology

Aug 27, 2010
Los Angeles jails may become the new frontier for science-fiction weaponry after the Sheriff's Department unveiled plans to use heat-beam ray guns in one county jail, zapping unruly inmates with a beam that “makes them feel as though they are burning.”