infectious diseases
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Massive Malaria Vaccine Trial Begins

Nov 7, 2009
A new vaccine trial is underway in Africa in an attempt to control malaria, a disease that not only kills 1 million people every year, but also makes 300 million seriously sick. If the trial results come back positive, a worldwide vaccine could be available as soon as 2012.

HIV Vaccine May Cut Infection Rate

Sep 24, 2009
After almost 30 years since HIV surfaced in the United States, researchers in Thailand and the U.S. have created an experimental vaccine that has, over a seven-year study, been found to reduce the risk of contracting HIV by one-third. The vaccine is a combination of two existing vaccinations that were not successful in reducing infection.

U.N. Downsizes AIDS Estimate

Nov 20, 2007
Finally, some good news in the world (relatively speaking): AIDS scientists at the United Nations are ready to announce that they have been overestimating the scale of the viral epidemic for quite some time now, and that the spread of AIDS has actually been decelerating over the last decade.

Bad News About Global AIDS Rate

Jul 23, 2007
Even though the sense of urgency about HIV/AIDS appears to have dropped off in mainstream media and culture in recent years, the latest news about infection rates is far from favorable President Bush's adviser on HIV/AIDS, Dr Anthony Fauci, for one, reports that we're "losing the numbers game" with respect to new infections around the globe .