U.S. Withholds Loans in Water-Starved Haiti

Jun 25, 2008
The US is under heavy criticism by human rights groups for withholding funds for clean water projects in Haiti as leverage for U-led political reform in the country A total of $54 million in loans to Haitians -- 70 percent of whom already lack daily access to potable water -- is being delayed.

How to Rule the World After Bush

May 19, 2008
How has the Bush administration changed the world economically, and what it will mean for the next administration? Also, if Bush-style "imperial globalization" is rejected in January, what will American ruling elites try to turn to -- Clinton-style economic globalization?
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Can Congress End the War?

Mar 5, 2007
The courts aren't likely to be of any help in stopping the Iraq war. And this White House seems incapable of rational thought on the subject. Clearly, the legislative branch is the way to go. But what exactly can it do?

Stealing Iraq’s Oil

Jan 8, 2007
The Iraqi parliament is expected to vote on a US-crafted law that would open the nation's oil industry to exploitive foreign control If the bill passes, it would give foreign investors up to 75 percent of Iraq's oil profits until costs are recouped, and then twice the industry standard after that This law is a naked admission that the U invaded Iraq, at least in part, for its oil.