The ‘Kill Team’ Story Gets Worse

Mar 29, 2011
The recent crop of shocking stories about the group of American soldiers -- now known widely as the "Kill Team" -- who formed a death squad to deliberately slaughter Afghan civilians has been topped by a new Rolling Stone exposé that makes matters .
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Discovery Channel Shows Off Penetrator Bomb

Mar 13, 2007
One of the weapons used with devastating effect against U.S. forces in Iraq is the so-called explosively formed penetrator, which the administration has accused Iran of producing. Astonishingly, the Discovery Channel recently aired a puff piece that delightedly showed off such a bomb, complete with a demonstration of how effective the compact device was against armored military targets.

Bombs Are Mileposts on Road to Civil War

Aug 17, 2006
More roadside bombs were planted in July than in any other month during the Iraq war, indicating a sharp rise in violence as the country moves toward all-out civil war. According to data obtained by The New York Times, 2,625 devices either exploded or were discovered in July, compared with 1,454 in January.