i.f. stone
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Truthdigger of the Week: Danny Schechter

Mar 25, 2015
In a lifetime of media activism, the late journalist and human rights activist Danny Schechter was best known for his advocacy of public media and his work to inform the world of life under South Africa's apartheid regime.The late journalist and activist Danny Schechter was known for his advocacy of public media and his work to shine a spotlight on South African apartheid.

Keep the Government Out of the News Business

Nov 6, 2009
I’ve been thinking of IF Stone while reading the growing stack of reports and essays giving recommendations on how to save the declining news business The outrageous solution increasingly favored by the journalism establishment is one that Stone would have hated -- turning to Washington for help I’ve been thinking of I .

Mark Dowie on I.F. Stone

May 29, 2009
Critic and crusader, the late I.F. Stone was an American original. Neither changing times nor his failing eyesight blunted his radical edge or dimmed his acerbic wit. A new biography by D.D. Guttenplan gives us the man behind the legendary muckraker.