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Connecting With Daily Life of the Past

Aug 28, 2011
The struggle for the serious study and appreciation of literature continues in our society, where enormous emphasis has been placed on the "practical" disciplines of math and science, and specialized academics more and more produce arcane, overtly politicized work that the public seems to find joyless and irrelevant. (more)

Enlightened but Unemployed

Jun 19, 2011
The well-intentioned handwringing over what to do about the slow asphyxiation of the traditional American humanities education continues over at, where novelist Kim Brooks laments the failure of liberal arts colleges to prepare students for professionally and financially rewarding careers. (more)

A Teachable Moment From an Esteemed Teacher

Jul 12, 2010
At a time when our country's educational system is sliding down our government's priority list, it takes reminders like this one, by noted California educator Jim Mamer, to set us straight and offer some much-needed inspiration.Educator Jim Mamer offers some much-needed inspiration and a timely reminder about the need to keep our nation's educational priorities straight.

Troy Jollimore on Why Democracy Needs the Humanities

Apr 23, 2010
In a short and powerful manifesto, renowned philosopher and critic Martha Nussbaum issues a passionate call to resist persistent efforts to reduce education to a tool of the gross national product.Philosopher and critic Martha Nussbaum issues a call to resist persistent efforts to reduce education to a tool of the gross national product.

Where Neuroscience Meets Literature

Apr 1, 2010
How about a little cognitive psychology with your English literature? Professors who normally spend their time thinking about Virginia Woolf's characters and story structures are taking a page from scientific texts to add a new dimension to their exploration of fiction.